Madras - Jefferson County
Chamber of Commerce

Jefferson County

Created in 1914 from sprawling Crook County, Jefferson County is a rich agricultural area providing an impressive amount of grass, vegetable and flower seed. Other profit crops include garlic, mint and sugar beets. Early railroad access led to the success of the region, as local farmers were easily linked to the Columbia River. Today, manufacturing and recreation join agriculture in supporting the area’s economy.

The sunny, dry climate makes Jefferson County a popular recreation site for water sports, hiking, camping, fishing and golf. Nearby attractions include Kah-Nee-Ta Resort & Casino, the Palisades at Lake Billy Chinook, the Metolius Wild & Scenic River, Lake Simtustus and the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. The recreational opportunities are limitless.

Established: 1914 (formed from Crook County)
Population: 22,450
Area: 1,780 sq. mi.


Jefferson County is a culturally diverse region, which includes the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and a thriving Hispanic community. The annual Collage of Culture, held each spring, celebrates our multicultural community.

For updated demographic information, visit the US Census:

Jefferson County: 22,450
Madras: 6,700
Warm Springs: 4,500
Crooked River Ranch: 4,500
Culver: 1,325
Camp Sherman: 300
Ashwood: 100
Metolius: 880


January Average Max. Temperature (F): 41.7
January Average Min. Temperature (F): 21.6
July Average Max. Temperature (F): 87.5
July Average Min. Temperature (F): 45.4
Average Annual Precipitation: 10.9”